Vaccine Rollout, Relaxed Restrictions Spark Travel Rush – NBC Boston

For the first time since the coronavirus pandemic started, business is booming again for travel agents like Steve Jermanok.

“Finally we see the writing on the wall,” he said. “We’re hopeful, optimistic and people want to get out.”

Jermanok says the nationwide travel rush is sparked by the vaccine rollout and more relaxed restrictions.

Tess Myers admits the decision to take a family vacation to the Bahamas wasn’t easy.

“We are thrilled and excited, but on the other hand you feel also have a little bit of feeling of, well should we be waiting another two to three months?” she said.

Myers is not vaccinated, but her 80-year-old parents finally are, and in her opinion, you can only press pause on life for so long.

“My daughter and husband haven’t seen them in two years so it’s an exciting thought to be able to get everyone together away for a week,” she said.

The Myers will get tested before they leave in two weeks, and then their hotel will facilitate the testing before they return.

“What’s happening overseas right now is all hotel chains like Marriotts, Hyatts, Hiltons, they’re doing testing at the hotels,” Jermonak said.

For some peace of mind, Jermonak says Delta is still leaving middle seats open, and he’s suggesting trips to low-risk areas.

“The numbers are lower everywhere in the Caribbean especially Puerto Rico,” he said.

A year after the COVID-19 pandemic upended the travel industry and cancelled flights, those with vouchers could be racing the clock. The first step to avoid losing out is to read the fine print on your expiration date. Travel experts say now is the time to read up on the stipulations of that travel credit and perhaps give customer service a call.

And while there are a lot of people still not comfortable flying, Jermonak is thankful they’re calling again — even if it’s to book an escape for the future.

“As far out as African safari next June, Australia next February…people want to dream,” Jermonak said.

If all of this has you considering a vacation and you’d be flying out of Boston Logan International Airport, you can get a rapid test at the airport — just arrive to terminal C or E an hour before you’d normally arrive for your flight.

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