Travel latest news: Vaccine passports for travellers ‘unavoidable’

Vaccine passports for holidaymakers will soon be ‘unavoidable’ as more countries make Covid immunity a condition of entry, a leading travel health expert has claimed.

Dr Richard Dawood, a specialist in travel medicine at the Fleet Street Clinic in London, also suggested that tight border controls will remain in place while countries feel ‘insecure’ about the risks posed by the virus.

“Regardless of how any of us feel about the idea of ‘vaccine passports’ for travel, they will ultimately be unavoidable,” said Dr Dawood.

“Once countries begin insisting on proof of Covid immunity from arriving travellers [as the Seychelles has done], there will be little option but to embrace the challenge. 

“We all long for travel to return to normal. But entry requirements will remain as long as countries feel insecure, perhaps until most people have been vaccinated worldwide. Social distancing, sanitisers, face masks on flights, delays, red tape, and last-minute changes of plan, will stay a fact of travel until then.”

The EU will debate vaccine certificates for travel within the bloc today, while holiday firm Saga has already confirmed that customers will need to prove they have been inoculated.

But the issue remains controversial, with some commentators expressing their doubts about the ethics of coercing people into getting vaccinated.

Writing for Telegraph Travel yesterday, the CEO of Doctorcall, Dr Charles Levinson, said: “How we balance the risk in terms of immunity passports is a question for the politicians. It’s fraught with difficulties and using any form of coercion for a medical procedure is deeply questionable”

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