Travel latest news: UK planning vaccine passports to enable foreign holidays

British holidaymakers could be offered vaccine passports, which would allow them entry to countries that waive quarantine rules for visitors who can prove they have been inoculated against Covid-19, reports suggest.

Work on a vaccine certification system is underway in the UK Government, according to The Times, with The Foreign Office, Department for Transport, and Department of Health and Social Care looking at options for travellers to countries that may require vaccination as a condition of entry. 

As early data suggests that vaccines can cut transmission of the virus, it has revived discussions that those who have received both doses should be granted more freedoms. 

Greece is the latest country to suggest it will lift Covid-related entry restrictions for visitors who can provide proof that they have received the vaccine – Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis told told Reuters he was “cautiously optimistic” of a lucrative summer. Meanwhile, both Sweden and Denmark have revealed plans to develop vaccination certificates that residents could use to travel overseas. 

As hopes are raised for summer holidays in Greece, the UK Government has confirmed that its hotel quarantine policy for arrivals from ‘red-listed’ countries will come into effect on February 15. Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, Paul Charles, a travel consultant who runs the Quash Quarantine campaign, said that quarantining travellers in hotels was not the “panacea for stopping Covid entering the UK”. The hotel quarantine policy is expected to be in place until “at least” March 31. 

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