Spring break travel setting pandemic records at airports despite officials urging people to stay home

Spring break travel is setting pandemic records at airports despite health officials asking people to stay home. 

With case rates going down, vaccine rates going up and restrictions across the country relaxing, it’s a recipe for a busy spring break travel season.

“It’s a girl’s trip, so we’ve got a whole lot of shenanigans going on,” said Bay Area resident Ebonee Breedlove.

Before the pandemic, Breedlove used to travel every six weeks. Despite a statewide travel advisory that’s still in effect, she says her sanity depends on getting on a plane.

“I’m so busy overly thinking about living, I’m not worried about dying. I mean, I’m going to do what I have to do to protect other people, as well, but I’m sorry – I’m not putting my life on hold anymore,” Breedlove said ahead of her flight to Cabo. “I can’t! I won’t survive.”

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She’s not alone in her wanderlust — more than 1.3 million people passed through TSA checkpoints last Friday and Sunday — setting a new record high since last March. 

At Los Angeles International Airport alone, about 35,000 people are going through security checkpoints every single day. 

“Traveling is definitely returning. And I expect to increase dramatically especially as people get their second shots,” said Brian Kelly, CEO, The Points Guy.

Industry officials say that flight bookings are up and airlines are adding additional flight capacity into the summer, hopefully prompting period of recovery after a $35-billion dollar loss last year.

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So many people have booked seats that JetBlue flight attendants who took leaves of absence this spring are being called back to work early to handle rising travel demand. 

“I’m already vaccinated so I feel safe,” said traveler Jennifer Rowland, from Northridge. She’s Colorado-bound and hasn’t been on a plane since last January.

Though, even with the vaccine, she is a little nervous.

“I think people are not really taking a lot of things serious — so hopefully since this is my first flight, I want to see how it is, and do people really keep their mask on?” she said.

Travelers are still being urged to take safety precautions before, during, and after they fly and doctors are warning people not to get complacent.

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“In most cases, if you got vaccinated and reach the full immunity… testing is not important. But if you haven’t been vaccinated, particularly if you’ve been traveling, if you have had exposure — testing is very important. Because we still have the possibility of non-symptomatic exposure,” explained Dr. Tashof Bernton, Occupation Medical Specialist.

People arriving at LAX from out of state are supposed to self-quarantine for 10 days. And that statewide travel advisory is still in effect asking Californians to only travel if it’s essential. But by looking at the increased numbers at LAX, it seems like a lot of people plan to ignore that advisory over the spring break period. 

FOX 11’s Mary Stringini contributed to this report.

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iOS 14 pro tip: One setting change for better photos

Having a new kitten about means that I’m taking a lot more photos. But trying to get a good photo of something that continually moves and squirms (even when sleeping) is tricky.

And it was made all the harder because Apple hid a handy Camera app feature.

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Prior to iOS 14, if you held down the shutter button in the Camera app, the iPhone would go into “burst mode,” taking a bunch of photos that allowed me to go back and find the best one.

But now in iOS 14, pressing and holding down the shutter button switches to video recording mode. That itself is a nice feature, but I want the old “burst mode” feature back.

It’s there, but again it’s hidden. And it’s also changed how it works.

Head over to Settings > Camera and you’ll see a setting called Use Volume Up for Burst.

Here's the setting you are looking for: Use Volume Up for Burst

Here’s the setting you are looking for: Use Volume Up for Burst

Now, rather than holding down the shutter button, I have to remember to hold down the volume up button.

But it’s nice to be able to quickly choose between shooting a burst of photos or shooting a quick video.

It’s a nice change. And I really like having a physical button to press on. It’s easier to find and gives me proper tactile feedback, unlike a button on a screen.

UPDATE: A reader sent me a note via Twitter (thanks, Wolfgang!) to point out that there’s another way to access “burst mode,” and that’s by pressing and holding down while simultaneously sliding the button to the left if in portrait mode or down if in landscape. 

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