Staycations may be prohibited until June

According to the UK Government’s plan for post-lockdown recovery, domestic travel in England will not be permitted to restart until June at the earliest, The Telegraph understands. 

Although restrictions regarding social gatherings and non-essential day trips are set to lift from March 29, overnight stays will likely be prohibited until the final stage of the four-step ‘roadmap’ – which will not begin until June. 

There is currently no indication of when holidays will become legal again, The Telegraph understands.

Under the current travel restrictions, Britons are “effectively imprisoned on our island”, says Noel Josephides, CEO of industry body AITO. “To extend lockdown for travel beyond April 30 will be disastrous for many firms…  It is plain that the Government, mistakenly, considers us to be expendable.”

The 60-page roadmap outlines four stages for reopening which roughly correspond to the months of March, April, May and June. It was signed off by key cabinet ministers on Sunday. It will be announced at Parliament today around 3.30pm, with a press conference around 7pm

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