Spain considering ‘green corridor’ for British tourists

Spain could introduce its own ‘green corridor’ for vaccinated British holidaymakers, if there is no collective EU decision on vaccine passports, the country’s Tourism Minister Fernando Valdés has said.

Mr Valdés confirmed that Spain was in “discussions” with the UK and told Bloomberg: “For us the British market is our main market. But obviously since we are a member of the European Union, the solutions have first to be part of the discussions in the EU.

“And obviously if that cannot be reached, we will be thinking of other corridors like green corridors with third countries that can help us restart tourism flows.”

The news comes after European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said yesterday that plans for an EU-wide Digital Green Pass would be proposed this month and that it could be a first step towards a passport facilitating travel from outside the EU. 

However, the EU plans were later labelled as “confusing” by Belgium’s Deputy Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès.

At last night’s Downing Street press briefing, Health Secretary Matt Hancock signalled that the Government was working with various countries on potential vaccine passports.

He said: “We are working with international partners. The EU is part of those discussions, as are several other countries around the world, and it’s obviously important work.”

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