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What to expect as Boris Johnson announces roadmap out of lockdown on Monday

The number of people infected with coronavirus has fallen dramatically over the past month.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Image: Getty Images)

In the North East, the number fell from 1.22% of the population in January – around one in 81 people – to 0.82% of the population in the first half of February, or around one person in 122.

The figures come from a study commissioned by the NHS and produced by Imperial College London. It found that in England as a whole, the number with the virus is down from 1.57% of the population to 0.51%. In other words, it’s fallen from one in 64 people to one person in 196.

Data like this was presented to Prime Minister Boris Johnson late last week. It’s the type of information that will help him draw up a “roadmap” for ending the lockdown.

While there has been speculation for weeks about how and when the lockdown will end, most of it has been premature. Mr Johnson couldn’t make any firm decisions until he had the information in front of him.

It’s likely that work on the roadmap has continued over the weekend. Of course, Mr Johnson isn’t working on it alone – he’s helped by the Government’s scientific advisers, and consults cabinet colleagues.

But he has the final say, and the buck stops with him. He’s also the person who will set out the plans, in a statement to the House of Commons on Monday.

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