New National Park Service App Makes RV Travel Easy

 Kurt Verlin

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The National Park Service has launched a new mobile app that makes planning visits to any of its 423 parks a lot more convenient. Instead of having to download individual apps for each park, campers and RV travelers can now use a single app to get all the info they need.

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The app is so far only in its beta version, but anyone using an Android or Apple device can download it and make use of its staggering number of features. It can be used to find general information about each park, including accessibility, restaurant hours, and even hike suggestions. It can also be used to view stunning photos, make lodging reservations, and perhaps most importantly for visitors, download park maps that can be viewed offline.

And the features don’t stop there. You can create and send custom virtual postcards, go on guided audio tours, and learn about the history of some of your favorite park locations. You can bookmark your favorite parks, set up the app to give you news alerts, and even use it to get detailed photos of national park passport stamps — as well as information on where to get them, making the app invaluable if you’re a collector.

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