Health alert issued for those traveling during Spring Festival

Shanghai health authorities issued a COVID-19 prevention and control alert for people returning to their hometowns for Spring Festival holiday next month.

Prevention should be ensured before, during and after traveling, said officials from the Shanghai Center for Health Promotion.

Travelers must have a negative nucleic acid test within seven days of leaving the city, and undertake a 14-day at-home health observation after arriving at their destinations. During that time, they are not allowed to participate in social gatherings. Nucleic acid tests every seven days are required by many local authorities.

It’s important to follow local disease-control policies and avoid medium- and high-risk regions.

People can check apps and WeChat accounts of health authorities and hospitals in Shanghai to reserve nucleic acid tests.

Online ticket reservations are also recommended.

People should be vigilant about wearing masks and travel with extras, avoid touching things in public and avoid eating and drinking on public transit.

Travelers should change masks every four hours and once they get damaged or dirty.

Keeping records of all public transportation taken during trips is important for tracking if necessary.

If travelers develop symptoms like coughing and fever or are close to those who do, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

After arriving in their hometowns, people must report to local authorities.

If driving, avoid medium- and high-risk regions and maintain good ventilation.

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